Telecommunication Cable

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Telp  :  +6221 31922673 ; 3904548 ; 31909628
Fax   :  +6221 31909628
HP    :  +628151673519 ; 08111095131
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Type of telecommunication cable :
Aerial Cable U-E(Pe) E S STEL-K-001/SII.0611-82
Indoor Cable R-VV STEL-K-002/SII-0612-82
Burial Cable T-E STEL-K-003/SII-0613-82
Drop wire U-ES STEL-K-004/SII-0614-82
Jumper Wire R-V STEL-K-006
Indoor Cable R-VV STEL-K-011/SII.0709-83
Indoor Cable Aluminium Tape Screen R-V (Pe) V SII.0710-83
Jelly Filled Armoured Cable T-EJ (Pem) E STEL-K-007 / SII.0617-82
Jelly Filled Duct Cable Tp- E J (Pe) E STEL-K-0008/SII.0618-82
Unfilled Duct Cable Tp-E(Pe)E STEL-K-009/SII.0619-82
PCM Cable Tp- E J (Pcl) E STEL-K-010/SII.0620-82
Unfilled duct cable foam-skin PE Tp – E bk (Pe) E 68/POSTEL/89
Jelly filled Duct Cable Foam-skin PE Tp-Ebk J (Pe) E 59/POSTEL/88
Jelly filled Armoured Duct Cable T- Ebk J (Pem) E 69/POSTEL/89


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